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About Genevieve

Creator and founder of The Art of Extraordinary, Genevieve Matthews brings over 25+ years of business and operational management experience to the stage.

Combining her personal passions for sport, performing and creative arts combined with a practical business head, you’ll discover an unrivalled unique learning environment when you experience The Art of Extraordinary.

"We work with a diverse range of individuals and businesses across a multitude of industries. Being better at ‘people’, really getting people is the key to success whether in business or at home. People are and always will be at the core of what we do day, in day out. So we help people who want to really know what makes people tick, excel at leadership.

We assist elite and high performing athletes improve, we educate parents and children, leaders and owners of companies and importantly we focus on emerging leadership now taking the reins of businesses and teams of people around the world.” Genevieve says.

"We are about creating a shift in thinking, because this changes behaviour which subsequently alters and improves our entire experience of life”.

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